IRIS Research ‘Profile Illawarra’ supports positive signs for the region.

3 March 2019

The latest Profile Illawarra for the December 2018 quarter was recently published and shows encouraging signs for the local region.

Trade in the Illawarra was positive with a net 34.6% of Illawarra businesses reporting higher trading activity. Coal production also increased 0.8% over the year.

There was a 23.3% fall in exports to 8.2 million over the year but imports increased 5.2% to 15.1 million tonnes.

Tourism expenditure in the South Coast region fell 2.3% to $2.6 billion due to a decline in both domestic and international overnight tourism expenditure.

The unemployment rate in the Illawarra decreased 0.9% points to 4.5% while the youth unemployment rate was relatively steady, up 0.1% points to 11.4% over the year.

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