Increased business activity for the Illawarra, but employment flat

18 February 2019

According to the latest IRIS Research Illawarra Business Survey results for trading activity, profitability and employment levels in the December 2018 quarter were positive. Levels of capital expenditure and overtime both experienced quarterly rebounds. All indicators performed above their respective long-term averages.

Three percent (3%) (net) of Illawarra businesses surveyed reported higher levels of trading activity during the December 2018 quarter, but down 2.0% pts on that time in the previous year. Those conditions contributed to a net 22.4% of businesses reporting higher levels of profitability, down 2.6% pts on the December 2017 quarter but 18.6% pts above the long-term average for the quarter.

No businesses (0%) (net) reported higher levels of employment during the December 2018 quarter but 49.3% offered at least ‘some’ overtime during the quarter.

Over half (50.8%) of the businesses surveyed reported making at least ‘some’ capital expenditure during the three months to December 2018.

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