How we do it

Quantitative Solutions

Starting each project afresh, our researchers co-design deeply insightful research with and for our clients. Our customised research design approach and advanced quantitative analytics derived from years of experience and the use advanced research methods like path analysis and software, means, we deliver real meaning and actionable findings from the numbers and data for our clients. We have the capacity to handle all quantitative work in-house from design, data collection, analysis and reporting.

Qualitative Solutions

Qualitative research is a great exploratory research technique, qualitative research drills down into issues to understand fundamental reason, opinions and motivations. Used in conjunction with quantitative research it provides deep insights.

CATI- Call Centre

We own and operate a modern 25 seat CATI (telephone interview) call centre that is electronically firewalled to ensure total security from hacking and external attack meaning your data is completely safe. Our CATI operates weekdays between 4.00PM to 8.30PM and 10AM to 4PM on Saturday; these times can be altered to meet the requirements of different time zones within Australia. We outperform survey completion benchmarks for the Australian market research industry due to our unique interviewing strategies and high levels of interviewing training.

  • Capacity to handle large volume surveys
  • Qualified, multi-lingual interviewers with an average of almost 10 years industry experience each.
  • Operates 12/6 and can meet all Australian time-zone requirements.
  • Full IT Systems Manager support.
  • Follows AS20252 guidelines and IQCA standards.

Interviewers are employed under the Market and Social Research Award, 2010.

Online Surveys

IRIS Research has delivered online surveys for many years which can be integrated with CATI survey due to shared software or other recognised and secure third party online survey software. Our researchers are skilled at designing complex online surveys which deliver high quality user experience to enhance the research and maximise respondents’ survey completion rates. Online surveys are optimised to operate flawlessly with any system from desktop, to laptop, tablet and mobile phone devices.


Computer aided personal interviewing (CAPI) using tablets is an increasingly common form of data collection for intercept surveys in public spaces. It is more accurate, requires less data handling, data is more secure; it enables more complex survey design and is more cost effective than traditional intercept data collection methods. Using the latest tablet and secure WIFI technologies and survey software, IRIS Research has been successfully delivering CAPI surveys for the past four years.  Our interviewers are all clearly identified and have Police checks to enable them to work in public spaces and are highly experienced in intercept and CAPI research methods.

Online Panel

IRIS Research maintains a panel of over 2,000 residents of the Illawarra moderated for surveys and discussions. Surveys can be rapidly deployed generate quality data and community views quickly. Curated with care, our online panel surveys typically generated 30% response rates and completion rates over 90% every time.


As part of our own quarterly consumer research conducted in the Illawarra and Western Sydney, we offer low cost omnibus solutions for research questions for these cohorts. This is ideal for those seeking quick and specific consumer-related information and data, such as brand awareness or shopping intentions.

Focus Groups

Small groups of participants are expertly guided through dynamic group discussions to elicit powerful insights through a process of discovery and challenge. Whether delivered in the field, or at our dedicated focus group facilities with full audio/visual recording and private viewing rooms, our specialist qualitative researchers can deliver any research requirement.


Workshops are an effective means to test research insights with larger groups of consumers, staff, residents, industry, employer and other stakeholders. Workshops can be deployed at the beginning of the research project through orientation workshops or through the course of the research project for insight testing and validation or stakeholder engagement. Workshops are delivered by our researchers in conjunction with external subject experts where appropriate.

In depth Interviews

Delivered around structured discussion guides tailored to the research purpose, one-on-one interviewing is ideal to understand individual experiences across the range of human activity from social, business to consumer matters. In-depth interviews are conducted face-to-face, by telephone or online.

Online Discussion/Group

We have used this tool on a number of occasions with a range of audiences. Through the platform, we are able to test stimulus, probe respondents and monitor participation.